Sunday, August 13, 2006

Is Your Boyfriend Married?

Lately I've been getting frequent calls from women who aren't sure if their boyfriends are actually single. Believe it or not, they have been dating these men for over a year and still don't know.

Here are a few tips to help you determine whether or not your boyfriend is married or single.

1. If they won't tell you where they live - they are married!
2. If they only see you on weekdays - they are married!
3. If they do not introduce you to any of their friends - they are married!
4. If they don't answer their cell phone while they are with you - they are either married or have another girlfriend!
5. If they go out of town a lot and don't tell you anything or they are defensive - they have someone else!

I don't understand why some women know deep down that their boyfriends are either married or have someone else, but still won't admit their boyfriends are not monogamous.

Some states, like California, have confidential marriages where the record of marriage is not public. However, there are some counties that have online records, but not all marriages are listed. Anyone who gets married in Las Vegas has a record of their marriage on the Clark County Nevada Website. Here is a list of all the states and counties in the US that have online marriage records- Online marriage records.

Remember, if you really aren't sure if your boyfriend is already married, then ask him. If he beats around the bush or is defensive, do yourself a favor and get another boyfriend.

Good luck.

Jay Rosenzweig

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Drug1234 said...

Thanks lot for giving me such tips. I am having a boyfriend,, i must agree with the some of the points that you have mentioned has been found in my bf. So, now i m going to crosscheck the situation ...
Thanks a lot...