Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Choosing The Right Nanny Cam Or Security Camera

Over the years I have been asked about which is the "best" nanny camera or security camera for your home. Recently, I have concluded that when you take into consideration price, easy installation, durability and reputation of the manufacturer - I choose the X10.com Wireless Color Video Nanny Camera Kit.

The XCam2 sets up in only 5 minutes! It's easy to Use! Because the camera is wireless, you can simply place a camera in any area you want to watch over and plug the Video Receiver into your TV! The signal is automatically sent to your TV (or VCR if you want to record the action).

Laptop Magazine commented that "The XCam2 from X10 Wireless Technology provides a perfect solution ... We found the XCam2 Security Camera and XRay Vision software very easy to set up and use."

X10 also has web cam surveillance software that allows you to view live video over the Internet. With X10's WebView Web Cam Surveillance Software, you can view and control up to four X10 cameras from the comfort of any PC. From your PC, monitor 4 wireless XCa,2 cameras from any location (such as your work PC) with an internet connection. From your remote PC, simply access multiview.x10.com, enter your registration code and password, then view all the latest images from all your cameras remotely! Images can be updated up to every 4 seconds. It's that simple.

X10 has many different camera offers. They have a money back guarantee and are a very reputable company. I suggest you shop around and in the end, you will find that X10 is the best value for the money spent.

Good luck to you.