Sunday, April 23, 2006

Funny or Strange Investigation Requests

Over the years I've received some funny and strange investigation requests. I thought I'd share a few of them on my blog. So here we go...

1) Request: "Someone has been using my social security number and opening credit cards in my name and charging all kinds of items. Can you help me find out who is doing this?
JR: "Do you know where these items are being sent to?"
Answer: "Well, the credit card company told me Denver Colorado."
JR: "Do you know anyone in Denver?"
Answer: "Yes, my ex-husband."

That was a no brainer.

2) Request: "Can you check on an individual to see if he has any criminal history, jumped parole or has any warranties against him?

Warranties? I guess he comes with a 10 year warranty or your money back?

3) Request: "I'm a happily married man and I would like to find my high school sweetheart. Can you help me?

I guess he really isn't happy if he wants to find her.

4) Request: "My wife and baby left me. Can you find them for me."
JR: "Do you have any domestic abuse issues?"
Answer: "What do you mean by domestic abuse"
JR: Have you ever hit your wife?"
Answer: Yes, but not hard."
JR: "No wonder she left you."

It turns out the wife and child were in protective custody.

5) A little old lady walked into my office. She asked if I could help her find someone. I asked who she was looking for. She said "Anyone!"


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